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There was a blind man who sat by the road side along the path that led from the town of Jericho to the city of Jerusalem. He sat there begging alms of passersby, hoping just to get daily sustenance at the mercies of the people that made their way from Jericho to worship and transact business at Jerusalem. As a blind man, he had several limitations; he could not move freely by himself without the assistance of kind neighbors. He had no hopes to make any achievements in life since he could see nothing around him. Being born in an age unlike ours where blind people can attend specialized institutions and get an education, this man called Bartimaeus Timaeus had no such opportunity.

[👋🙋💃 Hi! Don't understand English? You can read this page in FrenchSpanishRussianetc..Go to Home. Click Menu. Click Translate and choose your language. Have a great read!] In Mark 10:46-52, we read the story of this man. He could do nothing more than beg to survive. He must have resigned to fate an…


It is my firm persuasion that people will avoid so many problems of life if only they took a little time to read the Holy Bible, the manual of Life. You will not get the best of any equipment if you do not consult its operational manual, in fact, you will eventually damage the equipment if you fail to consult and follow the instructions in the manual. It is the same with life; we will avoid so much pain and heartache if we only paid attention to reading and living our lives according to the directions that God, our maker, has put down for us in the Holy Bible. One of the critical issues of life that has brought so many people pain and heartache instead of the happiness and joy it should bring, has been the issue of love. More often than not, the issues that develop out of the love relationship between people have come to show that not all that glitters is gold. There is a “love” which is not love, it is fake and cannot deliver the benefits that real love can give. A good study of our…