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“Let everything that has breath praise the LORD…” – Psalm 150:6
Every living thing has an obligation to appreciate and thank its maker and sustainer. I was taught in the Biology class that living things are characterized by certain features and qualities popularly represented by the acronym MR NIGER D. Biologists believe all living things are characterized by their ability to move, respire, take nutrition(eat food), respond to stimuli, grow in size, excrete body waste products, reproduce its kind, and then die. Obviously what the Scientists left out in this characterization is an essential element of living things, which is praise and thanksgiving to their maker. Psalm 150:6 lets us know that all living things must praise the Lord. The cock crows every morning to praise God for another new day. All animals have a way to praise God. The trees of the forest clap their hands, the birds of the air sing wonderful melodies to the Maker of heaven and earth. The flowers of the field let out t…