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The 23rd Psalm has remained a very comforting and reassuring scripture for several millions of people for very many centuries. In this Psalm are the words of King David, a great Psalmist and a man who delighted in God so much that his faith remains exemplary to this day. He had a very real and close fellowship with God and in this Psalm he tells us a key element of that blessed relationship he had with God. He declares very boldly in the first verse of this Psalm, “The Lord is my Shepherd”.

[👋🙋💃 Hi! Don't understand English? You can read this page in FrenchSpanishRussianetc..Go to Home. Click Menu. Click Translate and choose your language. Have a great read!] No doubt, King David knew so much about the close bond and affinity that exist between a sheep and its shepherd having been a shepherd boy before becoming the King of Israel. In our modern world today, we rarely see sheep rearing as it was done in ancient Israel. A shepherd spent full time with his flock,…


The Christmas season is the time of the year that witnesses a lot of celebrations. There is a general air of merriment wherever you turn. I think it is no coincidence that Christmas is marked in December, the last month of the year. The red and white colours of Christmas conspicuously adorn homes, schools, shops, and many other public places. Also, it is common place to see special dresses, hats, etc characteristically worn only for the Christmas celebrations. This season is a spectacular time of the year marked in so many nations worldwide. Over the years, business proprietors and merchants have tapped into the high propensity of people for shopping this period to make their last major profits for the year. It is common place to hear of Christmas bonanza, Christmas splash, and so many other marketing schemes designed around the Christmas festivities. This is also the time of the year when some consumer goods sell for twice their normal prices at other times of the year. Transportati…


Everyone who is familiar with our nation’s judicial system will know there are many avenues of dispensation of justice. The Plaintiff and the accused person would have to appear in court, having contracted advocates or lawyers to argue their case before a judge, or with the help of a mediator, approach an alternative dispute resolution court where matters could be settled amicably. Plea bargaining is a method of justice dispensation which is practiced both in the conventional courts and the alternative dispute resolution channels. It is a method that requires the accused person to confess and own up his wrongdoing as charged, in order for justice to be served with mercy. In other words, the accused person pleads guilty before a judge, and his lawyer(s) or advocate(s) can enter a deal with the judge for a reduction in the sentence he should get for the offenses he committed.

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