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The Nehemiah school of leadership is a very important concept of leadership we began to examine in the first part of this article CLICK HERE to read the first part. This school of leadership was derived from the leadership example given by Nehemiah, the governor of Jerusalem, as he successfully led his people to achieve the rebuilding of the city of Jerusalem. Last week we saw the crucial importance of leaders having the right motivation for leadership which ought to be selfless service to the group. We saw also, the need for leaders to willingly offer themselves for service and to be accepted by the group. The need for personal investigation into the situation of the group when a leader is commissioned was also established. We shall now go further to see some other very important principles from the book of Nehemiah (Please get a Bible and open to Nehemiah as we read along together).
Nehemiah was able to see to the timely execution of the wall rebuilding project which the Israelite …


Leadership is the simple most important factor for success in every unit of society. Leadership is important for the success of the family unit, the community, the workplace, government at all levels, and so many other units of society. As a fact, any group of people having a common goal to achieve require leadership to realize such set goals. The success of any group or the society at large, depends on the type of leadership in place to harmonize individual energies and mobilize resources for collective good of all. Where there is no leadership we will have a situation like that of a flock of sheep without a shepherd, or a ship without a captain, or an aircraft without a pilot. In the absence of leadership, everyone will try to achieve individual goals with the resources available to the group thereby creating conflict of interests. In the end, no progress will be achieved instead fights and destructions occur. Given the importance of leadership, it is important to have the right ki…