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The word “But” is a word that is frequently used in spoken and written English language. I know not the equivalent of the “But” in other languages since I am largely unschooled in any other language except the English language. The “But” is a word that when used in a statement changes the effect of an earlier stated premise. It is a word that evokes two different emotions- that of pleasure and displeasure depending on its usage. When the reality of the “But” hit me, I checked up its meaning in the Chambers 21st Century Dictionary. It defines the “But” as:

(1)Contrary to expectations
(2)In contrast
(3)Other than
(4)Used to emphasize the word that follows.

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I had not so much considered how much the usage of the “But” could determine the mood of God in relating to us as when I read the Bible book of Revelat…


What powers do words possess that they make tremendous impact on people? Is it possible that words have characteristic weights and such weights account for the impact they make on people? Words are abstract and intangible objects which we can only sense through the ears(if in audio format) or by our eyes (if in text format) and decipher by means of analysis in the mind, and for this reason, Scientists may never recognize words as a form of matter. However, since we feel the impact of words, it should not be out of place to describe words as a form of matter that has a mass and occupies space. Although we cannot place words on scales to determine their masses as we would do to other forms of matter, we cannot deny that words have characteristic weights. Words essentially affect us in many ways, either positively or negatively. Their impact can either be productive or destructive. Wars have been fought by nations over words, conversely, peace has been fostered among communities also by…