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Ali Pektas from Turkey was a good building technician. He was the best plasterer in Marash, a Turkish town. Ali's problem,however, was Alcohol. He always came home to his wife and children drunk. He was not a good father or husband either, as he physically abused his wife and children in his drunken state. Ali desperately wanted to quit drinking but could not. Just so that he would not abuse his wife, Ali sometimes had to travel to search for jobs in Istanbul. It was here, that a friend advised him to go and live for a time in Saudi Arabia where Alcohol is prohibited so he could kick the habit. Well, Ali did go to Saudi Arabia but soon got directed to secret points he could get the drinks. He got a bit more interested in religion in Saudi Arabia and decided to embark on pilgrimage to Mecca hoping to turn a new leaf. He had performed most of the rituals but then something happened. On the night preceding the last rites,Ali had an unusual dream. He was face to face wi…