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When an accused person stands trial before a Judge in the law court, one of the things done in the course of his trial is that he or she is given a chance to agree with the charges as brought against him or to deny it. The question often put forth to the accused person is this "Are you guilty of these charges or not?" His response is often very critical to the sentence he gets. He may get a reduced sentence if he owns up to his wrong doing and accept that he is guilty. Let us imagine that we are also standing trial in the court of heaven and our eternal destiny is to be decided but many allegations have been levelled against us by our accuser, the devil. Those sinful things we have done are brought against us, and we are asked that question "Are you guilty of these charges or not?" What would our answer be? Friends, though this can only be imagined now, the Bible tells us that after we die, we must face judgment to be rewarded according to the things we did, wheth…


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Peace has been a most essential want of man in all ages of this world’s existence. The state of tranquility and nonviolence has been the desire of men since time immemorial. The realization of a peaceful state of being has been the pursuit of a great majority of the world’s citizens. From the family to the community, the marketplace, the corporate organizations, to the government, the desire for peace is just as strong. The realization of peace has been recognized as the most important factor to sustainable development, progress, prosperity, good health and longevity of human lives and their environment.
If peace were a criminal on a security most wanted list, there will no doubt be a huge reward given to whoever could present it or give information that will secure its arrest. The world is in a frantic s…