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He sits on the wheels and smiles to himself. He is the “King of the Roads”. He starts the engine and off he goes. His speed is always in the neighborhood of 140km/hr. He must get to his destination as fast as possible, therefore he has no regards for other road users. He races along with the need to get there “now” pushing him on.

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He does not obey any road signs. The SLOW DOWN and STOP signs mean nothing to him. He continues this way and suddenly he meets a sharp bend, and then a ditch by the road. He loses control since he was on high speed and had not observed the SHARP BEND sign that warned him earlier. At this time it’s too late to stop the vehicle and his car plunges down the ditch. The car is wrecked and he is terribly injured. Even worse is the fact that his vehicle had no insurance!

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There are only two sets of people that are on the face of the Earth right now. God only acknowledges us either as Sinners or Saints. There is no middle ground and no in-betweens. Everyone who has not received God’s greatest gift of Salvation and forgiveness of sins in Jesus Christ is a sinner no matter how good they may think they are. Those who have come to God just as they are, Sinners, and have repented of their disobedient life, their sins against God and man, are washed clean by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, and are those God regards as Saints. A Saint is not one who has never sinned(for there is no such a one except Jesus Christ) but he is one who has acknowledged the wretchedness of his or her sinful lifestyle(Isaiah 1vs 18), acknowledged how far his sins has separated him from God his maker and comes in repentance(a turning away from sin) before God and accepts the substitutionary death of Jesus Christ on the Cross for his sins(John 3:16, Romans 10 vs 8-10). God shows h…