He sits on the wheels and smiles to himself. He is the “King of the Roads”. He starts the engine and off he goes. His speed is always in the neighborhood of 140km/hr. He must get to his destination as fast as possible, therefore he has no regards for other road users. He races along with the need to get there “now” pushing him on.

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He does not obey any road signs. The SLOW DOWN and STOP signs mean nothing to him. He continues this way and suddenly he meets a sharp bend, and then a ditch by the road. He loses control since he was on high speed and had not observed the SHARP BEND sign that warned him earlier. At this time it’s too late to stop the vehicle and his car plunges down the ditch. The car is wrecked and he is terribly injured. Even worse is the fact that his vehicle had no insurance!

Now that sounds a bit familiar to most of us.We are the drivers of our destinies. Some of us as this reckless driver I just described are in a haste to get there. In a haste to make it in life. We have not checked the state of our vehicles before setting out on our journey. Any good driver knows the importance of checking the oil level,tyre strength etc before embarking on a journey.

In our rush,we do not take time to acquire the discipline and skills that will enable us to be successful in life. It is also the character of the reckless driver to ignore the Road signs. We often ignore the STOP signs to alcoholism, premarital sex, delinquencies and immorality. It’s necessary that a driver takes heed to cautions by Road Safety officials but not so for the reckless driver.

In life’s highway the Road safety officials are our Parents,Pastors,concerned friends. Do you disregard their advice and concerns? Please do not wave them off!The Reckless driver does not have any insurance cover for his vehicle. He does not view the Life insurance God has generously provided in Jesus Christ as of any importance to him.

So many people do not have this life insurance, they have no time to accept the salvation in the Blood of Jesus. It doesn’t make sense to them to allow Jesus Christ total control of their lives. They continue this way until the inevitable happens, an accident of destiny!

It’s unfortunate that accidents occur in life, but most of them are caused by the recklessness of the drivers. Many are wounded today in the forms of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, heartaches etc. Some would not even survive such accidents! It is necessary that we do not become one among those wounded in the accidents of Life. It is time to put away every reckless lifestyle. It is time to yield our lives to the Lordship of Jesus Christ who shall save our souls from destruction. Remember, you are the driver on the highway of life!

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