The story is told of a Missionary and a prominent Politician who both boarded an Airplane back to their country from a foreign country. It is said that when they arrived at the Airport, a great crowd of people had gathered to give the politician a rousing welcome. It is said that the Missionary had no body around to welcome him and moved away unnoticed by the crowd. It is said that the Missionary felt miffed that he was not the subject of such applause the politician had got. It is also said that while he was in this dejected state, God spoke to him saying, "My son, you are not home yet. Do not worry for I will be there to welcome you when you come Home." Friends, like this Missionary, do we feel unappreciated and unrewarded for our labours in the service of the Lord? Let us not worry for it is because we are not yet at home.

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 An Ambassador's honour is not to be that he gets from the foreign country he serves in but that which he gets from the country he represents; his home country. Let us think of the honour that awaits us when we shall get to Heaven, our home. Let us think of the Royal robes of glory, the Crown that shall adorn our heads, the glorious welcome of the Angels and all the host of Heaven and best of all, the glory of meeting our Father and hearing Him say to us "Well done, thou good and faithful servant."(Matthew 25:21,34-40).Apostle Paul admonished us not to be weary in doing good for there shall be a reward in due season(Galatians 6 vs 9).

The world will honour it's own. Our Lord Jesus Christ warned us not to seek the honour of the world for we do not belong to the world (Matthew 6 vs 1-4). Let's not do our good works expecting to be rewarded by men. I am reminded of a song we used to sing in fellowship which says "Let the Lord have His way. Let the Lord have His way. Put your hands in His hand and let Him lead you. Look above see the crown awaiting over there. So let the Lord have His way." Friends, are you working for God and it seems you are unknown and unappreciated in this world, do not get discouraged because God has a reward waiting for you. Let us look above and see the Lord waiting with outstretched arms to embrace us and with a most glorious smile saying to us "Welcome Home!" May we all be part of that great welcome.

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