“The thief (Satan) does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I (Jesus Christ) have come that they (you and me) may have life, and that they (you and me) may have it more abundantly” (John 10:10).

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So many people are plagued with a lot of troubles in this world; the disease burden across the world is increasing at alarming rates, accidents and all manner of tragedies abound. Too many people are oppressed and afflicted by difficulties, setbacks, disappointments, poverty and negative experiences they cannot even explain. For some, beyond the glamorous fashion and outward gait, there is serious pain that make them weep in their room when they are all alone. Some may make believe that all is fine with them, but it will take only a little probing beyond the facade to realize that all is not well with them.
The singular question on the lips of many is “Why?” They ask why they have to suffer so much troubles and pain. Another question people ask is “Who or What is the cause?” Everyone wants to know who or what is the cause of these predicaments of life.

Different people and groups of people have tried to answer these questions. The Scientists, the Psychologists, the Philosophers and many other professionals have propound theories to explain “Why, Who and What” accounts for the troubles we face.
However, the short verse of the Bible in John 10:10 gives us the best answer to these questions. We see in this verse the personality behind all troubles in this world. He is introduced as a thief whose only mission is to steal, kill and destroy humanity. Satan, the devil, is the cause of all troubles that plague this world. Satan together with his demonic forces are launching several attacks on mankind all the time in order to accomplish the mission of stealing, killing and destroying all that God has graciously blessed man with.

Too many people do not realize that Satan is the mastermind of their troubles and sorrows. They may blame circumstances, people, and even God, but are unaware that it is Satan stealing, killing and destroying their lives. Some who get to know this ask why satan should have such power over them. The reason is that they had sold themselves to be Satan’s subjects when they lived in disobedience to God.
Right from the Garden of Eden, mankind lost the dominion, authority and blessing that God gave him when Adam and Eve obeyed satan to eat of the fruit of the forbidden tree against God’s instruction (Genesis 3:1-24, Romans 5:12).
It is our sins that separate us from God (Isaiah 59:1-4) and makes us nothing but easy prey to Satan.

Furthermore, mankind has been on a search for solution and for ways to be free from Satanic attacks. So many people have employed their abilities; their skills, tact and strength, they have followed all forms of scientific and psychological formulas but have found no way out of their problems through these means.

Having exhausted all physical means, a lot of people are today turning to several sources who are offering one form of spiritual help or another. There are those who turn to magical powers and occultic sources for help. They have to run to those who claim to have magical powers that will make them rich, heal their sicknesses and keep them from death. They engage in all forms of sorcery and witchcraft in a bid to overcome satanic attacks.
They must make several sacrifices at occultic shrines and altars to safeguard their lives and fortunes. They seek out witch doctors to get healing. They have to wear amulets and charms about to drive away evil spirits. They must recite certain incantations to escape danger. Some even have to sacrifice their loved ones; spouses, parents and children at these occultic altars in order to get prosperity, riches and fame.

It is unfortunate that many of such people do not know they are buying time through these means of escaping satanic attacks. In their ignorance, they thought they were running to safety from Satan’s attacks by running to those who employ satanic means of magic and occultism. They eventually discover in the end, although too late for some of them, that all these sorcerers and witches tried to do was only trying to delay some of the problems they had while loading them with more and grievous ones. For a very little time they felt free from their troubles only to be besieged by more terrible ones afterwards. This is so because Satan has no good to offer anyone (James 1:17).
Satan will only tell lies and offer false help through his agents; witch doctors, marabous, palm readers, fortune tellers, fake prophets etc, only to trap and permanently destroy all who are so deceived.

Have you been deceived to seek help where it cannot be found (Psalm 146:3-5)? Have you been told you can have no children until you bow to the goddess of the waters and submit to some rituals and sacrifices to the water spirits? Do not be deceived to buy time in such satanic scheme. Some who have gotten children through such means end up with more troubles than they could imagine because such children become so heavily demon possessed and often die at childhood. Why should you have such temporary joys only to be thrown into grief you may never recover from? What satanic means are you patronizing? Give it up and come to God who alone can help you (Psalm 146:5).
Whatever problem you may be facing, run to God your creator who loves you and has good plans for your life (Jeremiah 29:11). He will rescue you from satan’s attacks and give you power above them. Jehovah , the maker and sustainer of heaven and earth and all things has all you need to live in peace and joy all the days of your life.
Satan and all his demonic hosts submit themselves to the almighty God. As a matter of fact, God will give you authority to bind and cast out all satanic powers and they can no longer harm you. This is the only help you can have in this world to overcome the wiles of satan.

How can you receive the help of the almighty God? First and foremost you must get reconciled with Him by repenting and turning away from your sinful acts and lifestyle.
You need to receive forgiveness by believing and receiving for yourself the atonement Jesus Christ made for you by His blood when He was crucified on the cross over 2000 years ago. His shed blood is able to cleanse you of all your sins though they may be as crimson or scarlet, and make you white as snow in holiness before God (Isaiah 1:18). You will be justified and made a son of God and you shall share in the blessed inheritance of the saints.

Please do not delay to surrender your life to Jesus Christ and be born again. You also have to renounce every association you may have had with any satanic group or person. You need now to put an end to those symbols and elements you got from any satanic altar.
Please go and meet with a church Pastor to pray with you and burn or throw away these satanic items; charms, amulets, magic books, etc. Have nothing henceforth to do with the unfruitful works of darkness.

Trust God in everything and obey Him and you can be sure that no evil shall befall you and neither shall any plague come near you (Psalm 91: 1-16). Refuse to buy time anymore by engaging in satanic means to escape from satan because it will only be a futile effort.

God bless you today as you obey the word of God.

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