“No man is an island”, was an adage I heard used in discussions when I was growing up. It was an expression made to convey the fact that all men need the support of their fellow men, and no one can successfully live in isolation. Although that expression may be going extinct with time as I rarely hear it used today, the meaning it conveys remains true all the time. Perhaps, the increase and rapid growth in technology today has got people so connected globally through mobile phones, internet, etc, such that the very idea of anyone living in isolation cannot be conceived. This expression also establishes the fact that every human endeavour requires support and sponsorship to thrive and be successful.

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 Think of how big football games have become and you will see a mammoth crowd of supporters cheering away at the Stadiums and a number of companies lined up as game sponsors. Would it even be needful to mention that Politicians depend on the support and sponsorship they or their political parties can mobilize to win the elections? I could mention a lot more examples but I suppose these few and familiar ones are enough to settle the importance of support and sponsorship to men and their endeavours. In all cases, the intellectual, emotional and financial commitment of sponsors and supporters are invaluable and greatly needed for individual or corporate venture success.

Furthermore, just as good and legitimate human endeavours have sponsors and supporters to thrive, evil schemes and vices also thrive because they have sponsors and supporters. I do not expect this fact to be surprising to you, but I suppose you may be shocked to know the extensive support and sponsorship evil activity is getting today. I was surprised recently when I read a report that estimated it would take about ten years of military action by a coalition of ten countries led by America to contain and destroy the massively equipped militant terrorist group (ISIS) operating in Iraq and Syria. I wondered where a terrorist group famed for atrocities of beheading people, kidnapping women and children would get money to fund its weapons and defense such as to resist the fire powers of ten strong nations. I found out that one major way of their getting funding is through donations from some oil-rich and wealthy Arabs and Islamists. The same support and sponsorship; majorly financial donations, is what has kept up the evil activity of all other terrorist groups like Boko Haram, Al-qaeda, Al-Shabaab, and others operating around the world. The question I am asking today is, if evil endeavours get so extensive support and sponsorship from people of evil heart as we have surmised, how much support and sponsorship are men and women of goodwill, you and I, giving to promote the cause of good works in the world. While some men are committing so much money to get people killed and engineer such violent atrocities we see reported on the news daily, how much are we giving to have men’s lives saved and their dismal situations improved? I must make a case for charity today because we must do all the good we can and while we can.

Now I come to the more particular point we need to consider and I shall try to point out the critical area our sponsorship is needed. There are only two camps in this world and after this world. There is the God-camp and the Satan-camp. We can only pitch our tents in one of these two camps. While the Satan-camp has people committed to the cause of Satan, the God-camp has people committed to the cause of Christ. Satan is a killer, a destroyer and a thief (John 10: 10), therefore those in his camp will be committed to sponsoring and supporting his activities. On the other hand, God is Love (1 John 4:15), and He loves all men and gives them life in this world and the next. Members of the God-camp will therefore be committed to doing what God is passionate about.

God wants all men to be rescued from the evil activity of Satan. He wants their souls saved as well as their bodies. He lovingly sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ to be the sacrifice for the emancipation of all men from the terror of Satan. He has charged members of His camp to go all over the world bringing the good news of Salvation and redemption to all men (Matthew 26: 16-20). God has called some men to devote their whole life to this work of the gospel, but he has given all men a chance to do His work. Here then arises the great need for men and women who will serve as sponsors and supporters of the cause of Christ. The Church is engaged in a full charity – the care of body, soul and spirit of men, and men and women to whom God has entrusted intellectual, emotional, and financial abilities are needed to sponsor and support this cause. There are many Pastors, Missionaries, Evangelists, and so many others, that have given up their vocational careers to serve God in a full time capacity and it is our duty to support them (1 Corinthians 9:14). If God has given you that enablement to be wealthy (Deut. 8:18), see it as your calling to be a sponsor and financier of His work.

Besides supporting and sponsoring the Church’s endeavours at missions and propagation of the Gospel financially, you can sponsor the Gospel’s propagation through a variety of other ways. Recently I noticed that the internet space, especially the social media space has been inundated by the spread of leaked nude photos of celebrities, and maybe people were not aware that this was another of Satan’s endeavour at capturing so many more people in the trap of pornography. Quite unknowingly, so many people joined in as sponsors and supporters of these schemes by furthering the spread of such photos. However, you can sponsor and support the furtherance of the gospel on these same social media platforms in so many various ways.

In conclusion, there is something you can do to be a supporter of the Lord’s work, find that out today and commit yourself totally to it. The thousands of lost souls dying daily demand that you do not delay. Do I need to say that God will bless you for sponsoring and supporting His work? Yes, you will be rewarded both in this world and when you reach that Golden city up above, you shall have that great welcoming voice of the Father; “Well done, good and faithful servant” (Matthew 25: 21 – 23).

You are that needed sponsor!

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