You must have known this saying, “He who laughs last, laughs longest". I remember how often we had used this saying in our childhood plays to mock those who played pranks on others but in the end had a share of the consequences of their hoodwink. The last laugh is the celebration of victory. It marks a great come back from defeat encountered previously in the hands of the enemies, who had the first laugh. The enemy may have had the first laugh when his wicked intentions and actions had the better of a person, but that laugh surely turns to much grief at the deliverance and restoration of the one who was laughed at. Such is the nature of the first laugh, it is often for a short time, but the last laugh is the loudest, longest, and the best laugh.

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I get reminded of the story in the garden of Eden, that great and beautiful garden where the Creator of the universe had planted it by Himself and put the first man and woman in charge. You can read about it in Genesis3:1 -14, how Adam and Eve had lost this paradise when the enemy used a serpent to deceive them into eating of the fruit from the forbidden tree. How Satan had laughed when man was stripped of the glory of God that clothed him! How he had laughed at their shock of discovering and trying to hide off their nakedness with fig leaves. How he had laughed at the curse their disobedience had brought on them and the entire human race, and their ouster from that beautiful garden. Satan did have the first laugh and in that momentary glee, had either not heard or understood the promise of deliverance and restoration that had been made to man; that the seed of the woman shall bruise the head of the serpent! The years had gone, generations of the sons of men remained in the bondage of sin and were plagued with sicknesses, diseases, failures, distresses, and all the evils Satan could conceive. Never could he foresee that great redemption and salvation which has come to us today through Jesus Christ. Had he known it, he would not have crucified the Lord. You can imagine the shock he had when on the cross, our Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed “It is finished!”, and the veil that had kept man away from God’s presence was torn, and though he hurried off to seal the tomb, he could never stop Christ from resurrecting in great power! What a joy it is that we who believe in Jesus Christ and have received this marvelous redemption have the last laugh over the enemy, Satan. We have the loudest, longest, and best laugh, for the sons of men have become the sons of God and have triumphed eternally over sin and the dominion of principalities,powers and rulers of Satan’s dark kingdom. How sad Satan is that we have been restored and clothed in the glory of God again and that this time, we shall live forever with God in the beautiful place which has been prepared for us in Heaven!

“Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel against his anointed, saying, Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the LORD shall have them in derision “ (Psalm 2: 1-4). How Emperor Nero of the Roman empire had laughed when in his rage he had the Christians fed to the lions in his amphitheaters. How the crowds that gathered in ancient Rome’s amphitheaters had laughed to watch gallant saints gladly lay down their lives for the faith they professed and would never recant. Wasn’t this that shortlived first laugh? Now Nero’s empire is but ruins, but the Church of the living God marches on in great glory in all nations. Time and space would not allow me to talk much about Adolf Hitler, who thought to make a complete extermination of the Jews,but who in utter failure took his life in a suicide. So many I would like to mention here who had fought the LORD and thinking they had won had a first laugh which quickly ended when the Almighty God began to laugh. His is the last laugh, the longest, the loudest, and the best laugh! Today radical Islamists think they will forcefully Islamize the world with the weaponry of terrorism. How they laugh when they subvert the strongest military barricades to carry out suicide bombings. How they laugh when it’s reported the number of Christian missionaries that are executed in Iran annually, but I would have them know how the iron curtains of communist Russia and China had fallen and of the establishment of the Church of the living God in those lands. God always has the last laugh! Aren’t the illuminatis and several other Satanists having their laugh today? Aren’t several false religious organizations spreading their deceit all over the world having their laugh now? Yes they are, but I would have them know that the Almighty God shall have the last laugh. You who read this article, whose side are you laughing on? You may be having a laugh now on the side of wickedness, but that laugh will be for a short time and shall soon turn to sorrow. Therefore, move over to God’s side and be part of those who shall have the everlasting, loudest, and best laugh.

I shall tell you of Sarah’s laugh as I conclude on this issue. Sarah had been married for very many years to Abraham, but she had no child. The day came when they received extraordinary visitors to their house,and having entertained them, one of the three visitors had said to Abraham that his wife, Sarah, shall give birth to a son the following year. Sarah overheard this conversation and she laughed to herself, saying “After I am worn out, and my lord is old, shall I have pleasure?” (Genesis 18 : 12). She laughed in unbelief, for she reasoned her situation was hopeless. People around her probably had laughed at her and made a mockery of her barren situation. How could she a 90 year old woman give birth to a son? It was impossible by consideration of all medical standards for a woman her age to conceive and give birth to a child. Though Sarah had laughed to herself, God saw her and He asked her “Is anything too hard for the LORD?” What is the situation of your life that appears hopeless and impossible to have a solution? Are you diagnosed with a terminal disease and you have been told you have few days to live? Believe God and receive your healing today. Are you in a situation of reoccurring shame and reproach? Is your marriage failing and your family getting scattered? Hear the Lord Jesus Christ asking you today “Is there anything too hard for the LORD?” I want to assure you that you shall have an answer to this question just as Sarah had when she conceived and gave birth to a son she named Isaac. It came to pass just as the LORD had promised, at the time God had spoken, Sarah gave birth to a son and she had a very different kind of laugh. Hear what she says, “God has brought me laughter. All who hear about this will laugh with me…” (Genesis 21: 6). Sarah had the longest, the loudest and best last laugh. I want you to be sure of this, if you will take your problems to the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer this moment, He will deliver you and give you solution to those problems and you shall have the longest,loudest and best last laugh.

May you have the last laugh over every problem and setbacks you may have experienced in your life in Jesus Christ name.

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