"But while he was still a long way off,his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him;he ran to his son,threw his arms around him and kissed him"(Luke 15 vs 20)

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Our Lord Jesus once told a story of a son who demanded the share of his portion from his father and when it was granted him,went and spent it in riotous living in a far country. Well, after he had spent all he had,a famine struck the country and he was in want. The significance of this story is that we are like this young son of our father,The Almighty God. Many of us have since left the kingdom of God to the far country in the world. You used to love the Lord but now you have conformed to the ways of the World. You no longer love the Lord with all your heart. The pressures of life have come on you and you have let go the profession of your faith. You have gone back to live in sin. Like the Prodigal son,you are living a riotous life of Hatred,lying,cheating,fornication and other sins. Does the life of this prodigal son describe your own life?

He arose! Do not let the devil tell you that you have gone too far to come back,no one should deceive you,that you cannot rise from your sinful or backslidden state. "And when he came to himself,he said,how many hired servants of my father's have bread enough and to spare,and I perish with hunger!I will arise and go to my father,and will say to him,Father,I have sinned against Heaven and before thee.And he arose,and came to his father.But when he was yet a great way off,his father saw him,and had compassion,and ran and fell on his neck, and kissed him"(Luke 15:17-18,20). When the prodigal son finally came to his senses, he discovered he had lost the priviledges he would have enjoyed as a son. The world may offer you a glamorous life but it will end you in a famine. There is the Priviledge of eternal life,divine protection,provisions and so on we enjoy as sons of our great God. Thank God he had the opportunity to come back to his father. "He came to himself",you have to realize where you have missed it. You need to be honest to yourself that you have lost your first love for the Lord. You once had a personal relationship with the Lord but now you cannot even pray or evangelize. You are robbed of your joy of salvation.

The good news is that the father ran to this prodigal son. God is full of mercy and Grace to pardon every wrongdoing. It is amazing that the Almighty God in all His splendour and Holiness would run to embrace a sinner who has realized himself. This is the only time we would see God run. No one but our God would leave the 99 healthy people to look for one lost person. The Scripture records that there is joy in Heaven when one sinner turns to the Lord! God desires that you would realize that He still loves you. Restoration comes with Reconciliation.When you are reconciled with God you will be restored. The days of Christ coming is near and this is your opportunity to be reconciled to God. Please do not miss this opportunity to come back to Jesus because He is waiting for you with outstretched arms.

Let me also say that denominations also backslide! How many of us are still pursuing the Great commission our Lord Jesus gave us to evangelize and make disciples of all nations? Have we not diluted the word of God to suite the ways of the World? Our churches are becoming worldly. God is addressing us today like the Church of Ephesus,"Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen and repent,and do the first works;or else I will come unto thee quickly,and will remove thy candlestick out of his place except thou repent"(Revelation 2 vs 5).

The father prepared a feast for His young son who came back. God is organising for us a great feast,only be a part of it!

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