“Because he (Moses) PREFERRED to share the oppression (suffer the hardships) and bear the shame of the people of God rather than the fleeting enjoyment of a sinful life…[Motivated] by faith, he LEFT Egypt behind Him.” [Hebrews 11 verses 25-27].

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Why would Moses leave a beautiful palace in Egypt to Shepherd a flock in the plains of Midian? The answer is simple; he made his choice. He could have stayed on in Pharoah’s palace enjoying the privileges of a royal class, however, he knew that doing so while the people of God suffered was sinful. Well, it is no longer about Moses now; it is about you and me. Whenever I reflect on the life of Moses, the issue of forgone alternatives comes to the fore.

I could have been something different from what I am today. Maybe I could have been a womanizer. I would have been a prostitute, hanging around hotels and bars waiting for the next customer. I could have been a homosexual, a gay. I could have been a Pedophile.  I could have been a drunkard, a popular one at that. I could have been a chain smoker and a drug addict. I could have meddled in occultic practices and in the dark world of witchcraft. I may have become a corrupt politician looting the treasury of my nation. I could have maintained the posture of an Atheist, believing in nothing else but myself. I could have been a militant, abducting people for monetary gain or a scam expert, duping foreigners of precious dollars. I could have been a notorious gangster, a cultist harassing and killing all I thought offended me. Maybe I could have suppressed some of these tendencies, claim to be a church member but I could still backbite, gossip, lie, cheat and my only appeal would be my church membership. The list could go on and on. I could have been all of these, for I had indeed started off doing these things. The difference I see in my life today is only because of the saving power of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, and I owe Him all of my praise!

Life presents us several alternatives and allows for several choices. Closely related to choices is “opportunity cost”. What is the cost of my choice? What is the cost of my forgone alternative? An assessment of both costs will show if I gain or lose. As is true for all opportunity cost, I may not appear to gain much of this world by my choice at present; which is why many people cannot understand why I would not “enjoy” my life and live to please myself, but my choice to live to please God has far more benefits in the long-term and in eternity. I have made my choice to line up on God’s side, I am Born again! I do not know what choice you have made, my friend. My life was once bedeviled by the vices I listed above. I had shown the signs and done the acts that could be expected of a “natural” man. (Galatians 5 vs 16 – 26,Ephesians 4 vs 22-32). I had continued that way until one day I came to the CROSSroad. I had to make a choice, to continue the way I was or otherwise. Every man and woman comes to the CROSSroad and everyone will have to make a decision.

The decision to forgo these sinful alternatives is not cheap, it is and will be very costly. It cost Moses a royal palace. It cost the Apostle, Paul, a position in government, a prominent seat in the ruling Pharisee class. It will ultimately be for us a CROSS to carry everyday (Mark 8 vs 34-38). But what will it profit us if we gain the whole world and lose eternal salvation and redemption? There are still many on the side of my forgone alternative, which is because it is the “wider way” (Matthew 7 vs 13-14). The path I tread now may appear narrow but I am sure it leads to a glorious destination.

However, whichever way you choose there is the imperative to be active, diligent and committed. The strong desire and craving for wine in a drunkard or drugs for an addict, which is so compelling that they could sell off anything to buy just a glass of the booze, proves this point. It takes a long time of scheming and nights of planning for an armed robber or a scammer to hatch his plot successfully. It takes great diligence for the occultist to adhere to his secret written codes. It takes many protest matches and legal tussles carried out by homosexuals (gays and lesbians) and gay rights activists to get governments to grant them legal rights (or “human rights”) to practice their ungodliness.

Why should I, a Christian, be uninvolved and unconcerned in the things of my Lord? The world says I am fanatical. Why should it be bad if I became fanatical about my faith, while no one condemns football fanatics who would fight and could even kill if their team lost a match? I must be serious about my commitments to the Lord. I do not expect the race to be sweeter, there still will be trials, but I must win through all, because “He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world.” (1st John 5 vs 4). I challenge you therefore my Christian brothers and sisters, defy  mediocrity and lukewarmness, defy shame and be bold to stand for Jesus Christ that you have chosen to follow, be committed and shine your light so bright that all men will see it and glorify your father in Heaven (Matthew 5 vs 13-16).

My friend, have you left Egypt behind yet? Are you still enjoying the fleeting pleasures of sin? You can live a better life if you will let Jesus Christ be the Lord of your life today. Repent of your evil life and turn away from every way that dishonors God, your maker. Accept the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as payments for your debts of sin and ask Him to grant you the power to live the rest of your life for His glory(John 3 Vs 16-18, Romans 10 vs 9-10). God will forgive you today and you shall experience the peace and joy of the Lord which is beyond human comprehension. You have come to your CROSSroad now, do not turn back as a sinner, but go on in Jesus Christ, a saint. Make that decision now!

The forgone alternative…what are you giving up today?

God bless you richly as you obey Him.

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